Full Council Meetings

All full Council meetings are public and can be attended by anyone. They will also include a slot for public participation. However, there may be a need to exclude public and press when an agenda item is of a financial, staffing or sensitive nature. You will be informed at the meeting of this. All meetings allow for a 45-minute adjournment to receive updates from the Rother District Councillors for Rye and from the East Sussex County Councillor.

Matters considered by full Council include, but are not limited to, approving end of year accounts and the annual return; issuing the precept; amending Standing Orders and Financial Regulations; fixing the number of committees and the names and number of Members appointed to these; determining the functions and constitution of committees and sub-committees and appointing or nominating persons to fill vacancies on outside bodies. The list of Council representatives on outside bodies is available here.

The Council also co-ordinates Working Groups, consisting of a group of Councillors, occasionally along with members of the public or local organisations able to offer specific assistance. These Working Groups meet to consider specific matters and offer recommendations to either the Council or the relevant committee. Current Working Groups include:

Human Resources Working Group – For the consideration of Town Council personnel matters.
Discounted Accommodation Working Group – To progress the provision of discounted rented accommodation specifically for the benefit of young Rye families.
Heritage Centre Options Working Group – Considering the future options for the Heritage Centre (currently on hold until April 2018).
Public Conveniences and Bus Shelters Working Group – currently not meeting.
Rye Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – Developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Rye through to adoption.

Agendas and Minutes of past meetings can be found here:

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